What Samsung offers

Recognizing that consumers want to be visually stimulated as well as educated during a shopping experience, Samsung created SMART Attraction, SMART promotion and SMART Information displays. To meet business’s needs, Samsung created SMART Management technology that allows a user to connect to displays at all times.


Share your business success story via high-impact visual messaging. Samsung’s large-format digital displays offer top-notch image quality with prime contrast ratio and best-in-class brightness and colour consistency.


Intense picture quality

Attract your audiences and improve efficiency in the increasingly-crowded atmosphere by creating an outstanding, and buzzworthy customer experience with up-to-date UHD picture quality.
*Applicable only  to certain models

Rationalized operational efficiency

The embedded MagicINFO Player, supported by the strong TIZEN OS, improves the displays overall performance, allows for hassle-free content management and continuous content transition.

High resilience

IP5x certified, signifying dust-resistant design and ability to cope up with a range of environmental conditions, and prepared with a non-glare front panel, the PHF and PMH series allow for heightened image visibility and readability of any information under the light.


LCD videowalls create a unique large-format sight experience, uplifting any business setting. Every screen is factory regulated, providing you uniform alignment, brightness and colour right out of the box. Also, our Extreme and Ultra Narrow bezel widths help audiences focus on their content, and not the display.


Narrow bezel

Extremely narrow bezel for a virtually continuous, life-like viewing experience to keep audiences engrossed on content rather than the display itself.

*Only applicable to specific models

Hassle-free installation

Easy installation to hold each display in place without interrupting the viewers. No need to dismantle the entire video wall should one specific section involves adjustment.


Factory calibration

A multi-step factory calibration procedure ensures supercharged uniform brightness and colour consistency, averting studios from wasting time and energy making adjustments.

*Only applicable to specific models

Outdoor & Window

Outdoor and window communication requires stronger, more versatile signage. Samsung displays feature high brightness, toughness in extreme conditions and simplified content sharing. They’re everything you need to reach customers beyond the storefront.


An ambient design

A completely holistic, absolute ultra-slim display with an embedded power box, contained in an impact-resistant enclosure and thermally protected by a patent-pending filter less yet steady cooling system

Coherent and consistent visibility

High 2,500-nit brightness, an auto-brightness sensor that enhances brightness, Samsung’s circular polarizing technology and 5,000:1 contrast ratio (3,000:1 for 85″ display) strives together to deliver highly-visible messages even in direct sunlight.

*OHD, OHD, OMD-W series only

Strong durability

Samsung Full Outdoor displays are IP56 certified to withstand dust, water, rain, snow, sleet, and corrosion while the Magic protects against any destruction.

*Full Outdoor series only.


Deliver rich content and charismatic interaction in the academic or business atmosphere with our high-impact interactive digital displays



Use interactive digital signage and displays to facilitate meetings and intensify collaboration. Participants can make use of their personal devices to easily share content on the board. And inbuilt creative tools let employees create eye-catching presentations in mere moments.


The interactive digital signage and displays help to keep lively classrooms that inspire teachers, encourage students and also attract the parents. Teachers supplement subject chapters along with engaging visual content. An intuitive interface makes collaborating an easy task. And irrespective of the classroom size, there’s a display that fits.

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