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Convert your displays into Business insights. Learn more about how these innovations benefit your businesses and how to use them.

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Projectors are the lifesavers for all your unexpected meeting needs. Its ultimate performance keeps your meetings memorable.

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Collaborate anywhere without compromise. Work the way you want across any device and move business forward and faster.

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We go beyond the box with end-to-end solutions that blend cutting-edge technologies, software and time-tested hardware.

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About Yexis Solutions

Yexis Solutions is a Audio Video System Integrator located at chennai. Yexis has made its presence in 2010. Since its inception, Yexis has made strong launch with a good market presence on every subset of its market. Emerged as a professional organization, we strongly believe in strengthening our quality in sales and service. Ever since its incorporation, Yexis Solutions has been a value-driven company offering a range of services to its clients around south india.


  • We provide the voice and sight of Network convergence, facilitating fast and furious distribution of information, helping businesses to leap into new frontiers via new advances in technologies.
  • We bring about synchronization in network as a symphony in an orchestra leading to optimization and tremendous value for our clients.
  • Our dedicated, trained and experienced engineers deliver seamless flow of technology such as Audio Visual Solutions, Digital Signage Solutions, Security Solutions in various domains like Educational, Corporate, Manufacturing, Retail and Banking space in and around Chennai.
  • Today the services we offer through our expertise in multiple domains makes us the most preferred partner for our ever growing list of satisfied customers. It is not just the services we offer that brings us the customers.
  • It is the 360 degree view of the customer that we undertake, which helps us to provide a holistic solution.

Our Mission

To best understand the need of our customers and provide them with flawless flow of technology as per their requirement.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted partner for providing business value through convergence of technologies.

Our Values

We stand for 100% satisfaction to our customers and over and above that are willing to explore newer avenues to give 10 times the value, that they have spent on our services.

Our Management

With decades of industry experience by the top management leaders, it has paved way for a sustainable growth and continuous improvements day by day. To reach our full potential, the company is well organized around customer relationships and key markets

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